The Role of a Schedule Maker in Your Life

We live in the 21st century, full of rush and full of competition. We cannot even afford a single wasted day, let alone so many of them! To always stay focused and never fall off of your track, you need a schedule maker in your life.

It is a one-stop solution for all your time-related issues. Once you start developing a habit of maintaining a schedule, there will be no looking back! You can easily manage yourself and all of your tasks and activities smoothly, in an effective manner. Check out the other important roles of a best free Schedule Maker.

It Brings a Sense of Calm

Anxiety kicks in when you’re missing out on something. For instance, falling behind in your classes. But what if we tell you, there is no falling behind? That means lesser tension and more calmness. And glad to tell you, you can achieve that feat by using a schedule maker. And when you are a calm person, every other important thing in your life will also fall in order, and isn’t that we all are rooting for eventually? Yes! Hence, you should start using a schedule as soon as possible.

It Decreases Your Stress

As afore-mentioned, maintaining a schedule will bring calmness to your life, and hence, it will automatically nullify the existing stress. People who are suffering from such mental problems are advised to follow a schedule and stick to their routine by experts. What else guarantee do you need, really?! A simple habit of maintaining a schedule can reduce your stress and anxiety, so why not follow it?

It Organizes Your Life

When you prepare a schedule, jot down your tasks one by one, and honestly follow that schedule, your life will be less chaotic and more organized. Think about it yourself, you’re planning out your whole day even before it begins and you’re sticking to it, and that is making you achieve all your milestones in due time. (or even before it!) How perfect does that sound? Now, stop imagining and start applying. Make it your reality. You are just one schedule away from having a completely organized life!

It Increases Your Productivity

Even if you’re an extremely focused and concentrated person, chances are, you can do a lot than you’re already doing, simply by following a schedule. Planning out your day in advance and having a mental (as well as a written note) of what tasks you’re supposed to be doing even before the day starts will increase your productivity very highly. And once you complete all of your tasks, you’ll get the satisfaction of doing your best at the end of the day!

Hence, a schedule builder will bring peace and happiness in your life in more ways than one. You just got to have a firm mind and an undying belief for developing a habit of following the schedule. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be unbeatable in the journey of your life!

5 Korean Rappers the World is Loving Right Now

More and more youth are loving rapping these days. Hip hop music has been one of the most rapidly increasing. There is no denying the fact that Korean rappers are starting to gain more popularity within the music industry and are also starting to attract more fans. Especially in America, Korean hip-hop artists are making waves with their music. They have become so good that they can even teach a thing or two like how to rap fast on a certain beat in a certain flow to some new rappers of the American industry. Many top Korean rappers are part of Korean hip-hop groups, while others are solo artists. Some are even members of K-pop bands. Check out our list of top Korean rappers to see if your favorite made the list.

1. Psy, the Gangnam Guy

Park Jae-Sang, whose stage name is Psy, became so very famous with his song “Gangnam Style” that it made him a household name all over the world. The hitmaker has set so many new records with his songs that many people who did not know about Korean pop music, started getting into it through him. The Gangnam style was also the first-ever YouTube video to cross a billion views! Psy is well known for his humorous side. Even as a kid, he used to make a lot of jokes in his class and drive the students in an uproar which made the teachers’ job of controlling the class, difficult.

2. Jessi

Jessica Ho is a South Korean rapper with a very unique voice and rapping style. She has the kind of voice that cannot be easily forgotten once heard. Although when training the artist had been selected by SM Entertainment, she decided to not debut with them as she thought her and the company’s approaches to music were very different. Her top hits include Nunu Nana, Numb, My Romeo, and more.

3. G-Dragon, Big Bang

If you know the term Korean rap, you definitely know the name G-Dragon. He has garnered a crazy amount of views on Youtube on his songs. Before Kwon Ji-Yong was a solo artist, he was the leader of one of the biggest boy groups, Big Bang that was under YG Entertainment which is among the top 4 entertainment companies in South Korea. Apart from crazy rapping, dancing, and singing skills, this K-pop star is an entrepreneur and also a fashion designer! Hence, he is called the “King of K-pop” and very rightly so. He has also met with Ban Ki-Moon, the then UN Secretary-General to make an impact on reducing intolerance around the world.

4. J- Hope

J-Hope is the artist’s stage name, his real name being Jung Ho-Seok. The rapper is a member of the most famous Boy Group of South Korea, BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) which is under Bighit Entertainment. His debut mixtape, Hope World, made him the highest-charting solo Korean artist on Billboard 200. His raspy voice when rapping, mixed with his sunshine-like hopeful face have made people love him all the more. The talented artist is also exceptionally good at dancing, songwriting, and even singing!

5.  Taeyong

NCT’s leader, Lee Taeyong is one the most iconic up-and-coming rapping artists of this generation. He has a very unique style and has an amazing artistic edge to him. The rapper is super fast and is also the main dancer of the Neo Culture Technology (NCT) boy group. If anyone knows how to rap fast, it is him in this age group of rapper boys. He is also a part of another Korean group “Super-M” that has members from various groups under SM Entertainment. The artist’s music video along with fellow member Ten went viral as a result of the amazing dancing by the duo along with the quirky style of the MV called “Baby Don’t Stop”.


Best Applications That Solve Math Problems For Free

As you may already know, the math textbooks and guidebooks used in schools that provide students with step-by-step instructions never seem enough to make the students fall in love with maths.

Well, the good news is that there is now an easier way to solve math problems.

Technology these days has been very helpful in many fields and education is no exception. Nowadays, we have apps available on our smartphones that can solve math equations for us. And apart from just solving the problems, these apps can also show us the various methods to solve the equations.

Here are the best apps that solve math problems for free.

Math Application


The Photomath is like the best free app that you will come across to help you in solving math problems.

This app uses your camera integrated with augmented reality. All you have to do is point your device’s camera on the paper and it will instantly solve the equation, and also provide you with the necessary steps.

This math-solving app helps with understanding & interpreting the problems, and also learn basic math concepts. Furthermore, it is especially useful for algebraic equations and fundamental arithmetic problems. You can download from here.


Mathway can help you with almost any math problem, from simple math problems to complex ones, calculus, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and more.

This app comes with a free version, you have to pay for the premium version.

In the free version, all you get is just the answers to the math equations at hand, however, in the paid version you will get step-by-step solutions to the different math problems across different topics.


Cymath is a free math solving app that also offers dissertation help with various math topics in mathematics. Cymath gives you step-by-step solutions to your math equations free of charge. For additional features, you can join Cymath Plus for a paid subscription.

This app covers topics like algebra, arithmetic, statistics, calculus, trigonometry, and other variety of topics with its advanced AI math problem solver.

So when you need help or are stuck on a math problem, the Cymath app is one you have access to. With Cymath, you can expect to get all the necessary support you want on your math homework across various topics, algebra, graphing, calculus, and so on.

Cymath’s algebra calculator has different functions that go from exponential functions to logarithms and trigonometry.


There are plenty of mathematics problem-solving apps available that you can use for free on your Smartphone. The three apps discussed in this post are some of the best that you can get for free.

And besides, from quick math problem solutions, some of these apps also provide informative tutorials and easy step-by-step instructions that make it simple for you to learn, properly understand, and fall in love with maths.

Best Types of Soccer Shoes – Cleats, Turf, and Indoor

Soccer is versatile.

Got rain all over the week? A little mud on the pitch will not stop your plans.

Cannot access the soccer field? You can simply pick up a game on an asphalt court.

Unlike other sports, soccer can be played on a wide variety of surfaces, regardless of soft or hard, choosing the correct soccer shoe can be a little complicated.

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

In this guide, we’ll cover the three types of soccer shoes – outdoor shoes (cleats), turf shoes, and indoor shoes.

First, let’s see what makes them different.

What’s The Difference Between Indoor Shoes & Outdoor Shoes?

It is very easy to differentiate between indoor shoes and outdoor shoes just by taking a quick look. Indoor soccer shoes look almost like any everyday shoes or sneakers, and likewise, many people wear them as such. But on the other hand, with outdoor soccer shoes, you cannot just stroll out on the streets because they feature jagged cleats under them and a very skin-tight fit around the foot and ankle. Outdoor soccer shoes should only be used on the soccer field.

Outdoor Shoes – Cleats

Nike tempo legend 8 elite

Soccer cleats are designed for playing outdoors. The jagged cleats, as featured in the popular Nike Tiempo Legend 8 White shoes, serve a very important purpose that is to provide the player with enough amount of traction, preventing them from slipping and giving them an ample opportunity to quickly change directions, stop, accelerate with ease.

Cleats can only be worn on the outdoor soccer pitch. They further divide into three types:

Hard Ground Cleats – for playing on hard soccer fields. These kinds of cleats have short studs under the base, generally evenly distributed. Furthermore, cleats with circular and hard rubber studs are the most effective for hard ground fields.

Firm Ground Cleats – for playing on firm soccer fields. These types of soccer cleats are very common as most soccer players play on a firm soccer field.

Soft Ground Cleats –  for playing on the soft soccer fields. Almost all of the soccer cleats for soft surfaces have detachable studs or stud’s tips. They also come in various lengths, so you can adjust your soccer shoes depending on the condition of the soccer field.

Turf Shoes

Turf shoes are the ideal shoe choice for short-cut turf surfaces. Think of very flat, carpet-style soccer fields, this is where you can wear them. Turf shoes have a larger number of nearly positioned, short rubber studs, or nubs on a flat style soleplate.

The objective of these studs is to equally distribute pressure covering the foot to ensure joint comfort while offering you better balance on a surface that does not give as much traction.

Indoor Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes are designed for playing indoor soccer on indoor courts and fields. Moreover, these types of shoes are actually flat on the base and feature a low-cut style with a slightly harder surface area than a traditional sneaker.

Indoor shoes cannot be worn on a real soccer pitch.

Bottom Line

As you can see, choosing the right type of shoe depends upon the kind of surface you will be playing on. Thus, before buying the right soccer shoe, try speaking to your coach about the best shoe type for your soccer field.

5 Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

There are some clothing pieces that every woman should have in her closet. The clothes she can wear again and again and will suit her when paired with different functions and settings. These pieces are regarded as essentials by each fashion-savvy individual as they are classy, versatile, and never go out of fashion.

These 5 pieces that we have put together are those fashion pieces that you can wear when you are going for a brunch or a party or any of the big events. You will be able to combine them with different possibilities and can look classy and stylish always.

Dashiki wear

1. Leather Jacket

While making a capsule wardrobe, a leather jacket is necessary! You can wear your leather jacket over a simple dress may it be a simple black dress or a floral dress. A leather jacket is timeless and classic . It will accentuate all your features and will add personality and style to your outfit.

2. Skirts

Skirts are a great wardrobe option that is attractive, feminine and classy. You should choose a skirt according to your body type that will accentuate your figure well. A pencil skirt is a must when you go to work at a formal place. Nowadays, Dashiki skirts are really popular because they highlight different patterns and colours and women love to wear such skirts that cover their preferences well.

3. Skinny Jeans

Every girl should have a pair of skinny jeans as they are flattering and famous and they accentuate your thighs well. You can wear skinny jeans every day paired with different tops such as shirts, t-shirts or crop tops. They are such clothing that can mix up well with any piece in your wardrobe. They are comfortable, soft, and highlight your curves well.

Dashiki Women

4. A Simple White shirt

Just as a T-shirt has an essential place in every girl’s wardrobe, a simple white shirt should also be there. It is classic and seasonal and owned by every woman. It looks subtly feminine and amazing when sleeves are rolled up to the elbows and the upper two buttons are unclosed. They are a great wardrobe piece for any woman.

5. A Black Dress

A little black dress should also be owned by a woman. As we all believe that black is the safest colour and it goes well on every occasion, a little black dress will look royal and classy on you when you wear it. The dress style could be chosen according to your preference and body type.

So, these are the five pieces that every woman should have in her closet.


Millennials, Gen Z & Social Media Applications

Compters have been here for many decades now. They have made human lives easier, smarter, and faster. They have offered the simplest of solutions to seemingly complex problems. The whole human existence was redefined after the introduction of them. Now, (hypothetically) if we ever have to live without depending on these incredible machines, it might get really difficult for us!

The Other Side of Technology

However, since technology has arrived in our lives, many things and primary purposes have been lost in transition. For instance: Social media applications were designed to fill the communication gap between two people who live far from each other. Now, of course, they are a great tool for multi-media sharing and video calling purposes, but today’s generation is approaching them in a totally different way.

Not only Generation Z, but millennials also, are so addicted to technology that they are missing out on some vital moments of life. They are busy either playing video games like action or a Speed click test or messaging their friends. And to give you a little more details than this, we tell you how technology has caused some severe issues among these generations.



Loneliness can be described as a state of being or feeling alone from inside. Even if you have your friends, family, and loved ones around, you may feel a certain numbness within you. A void that can never be filled with any amount of love. And that feeling takes place partially because of the excessive use of technology and social media applications. Feeling lonely has been the major issue among many people in the 21st century.


Nowadays, people seem to be more concerned about their artificial presence online than their real identity in the present. People compare their very real and actual lives with the carefully curated content on the various social media applications. For instance, if they don’t get a certain amount of likes on Facebook, or comments on Instagram compared to their friends, they feel demotivated and are instantly upset. From excessively playing racing games or visiting cpstests website for playing clicker games to updating their friends about their lives, people can’t get enough of the technology! But what they don’t understand is; the very ongoing moment is what matters the most. Instead of living it fully, they’ll rather give updates on their social media presence.


Many significant studies have shown a strong link between mental health problems and the excessive use of social media applications. The more time you spend digitally, the more chances there are that you’ll encounter mental health problems. It may start from anxiety and may end up in a state of being depressed. Youngsters nowadays, go through depression, because they think ‘they’re not doing enough’ as per the false standards of social media. For instance: If someone doesn’t have a certain amount of followers, he or she will feel demotivated.

Youngsters set the base for a bright future for any country, and many young people are leading their lives in this dark hole of technology and social media applications. And the rate is increasing at a disturbing rate. We need to be notified of this alarming rate and find effective solutions for the same.