5 Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

There are some clothing pieces that every woman should have in her closet. The clothes she can wear again and again and will suit her when paired with different functions and settings. These pieces are regarded as essentials by each fashion-savvy individual as they are classy, versatile, and never go out of fashion.

These 5 pieces that we have put together are those fashion pieces that you can wear when you are going for a brunch or a party or any of the big events. You will be able to combine them with different possibilities and can look classy and stylish always.

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1. Leather Jacket

While making a capsule wardrobe, a leather jacket is necessary! You can wear your leather jacket over a simple dress may it be a simple black dress or a floral dress. A leather jacket is timeless and classic . It will accentuate all your features and will add personality and style to your outfit.

2. Skirts

Skirts are a great wardrobe option that is attractive, feminine and classy. You should choose a skirt according to your body type that will accentuate your figure well. A pencil skirt is a must when you go to work at a formal place. Nowadays, Dashiki skirts are really popular because they highlight different patterns and colours and women love to wear such skirts that cover their preferences well.

3. Skinny Jeans

Every girl should have a pair of skinny jeans as they are flattering and famous and they accentuate your thighs well. You can wear skinny jeans every day paired with different tops such as shirts, t-shirts or crop tops. They are such clothing that can mix up well with any piece in your wardrobe. They are comfortable, soft, and highlight your curves well.

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4. A Simple White shirt

Just as a T-shirt has an essential place in every girl’s wardrobe, a simple white shirt should also be there. It is classic and seasonal and owned by every woman. It looks subtly feminine and amazing when sleeves are rolled up to the elbows and the upper two buttons are unclosed. They are a great wardrobe piece for any woman.

5. A Black Dress

A little black dress should also be owned by a woman. As we all believe that black is the safest colour and it goes well on every occasion, a little black dress will look royal and classy on you when you wear it. The dress style could be chosen according to your preference and body type.

So, these are the five pieces that every woman should have in her closet.


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