Millennials, Gen Z & Social Media Applications

Compters have been here for many decades now. They have made human lives easier, smarter, and faster. They have offered the simplest of solutions to seemingly complex problems. The whole human existence was redefined after the introduction of them. Now, (hypothetically) if we ever have to live without depending on these incredible machines, it might get really difficult for us!

The Other Side of Technology

However, since technology has arrived in our lives, many things and primary purposes have been lost in transition. For instance: Social media applications were designed to fill the communication gap between two people who live far from each other. Now, of course, they are a great tool for multi-media sharing and video calling purposes, but today’s generation is approaching them in a totally different way.

Not only Generation Z, but millennials also, are so addicted to technology that they are missing out on some vital moments of life. They are busy either playing video games like action or a Speed click test or messaging their friends. And to give you a little more details than this, we tell you how technology has caused some severe issues among these generations.



Loneliness can be described as a state of being or feeling alone from inside. Even if you have your friends, family, and loved ones around, you may feel a certain numbness within you. A void that can never be filled with any amount of love. And that feeling takes place partially because of the excessive use of technology and social media applications. Feeling lonely has been the major issue among many people in the 21st century.


Nowadays, people seem to be more concerned about their artificial presence online than their real identity in the present. People compare their very real and actual lives with the carefully curated content on the various social media applications. For instance, if they don’t get a certain amount of likes on Facebook, or comments on Instagram compared to their friends, they feel demotivated and are instantly upset. From excessively playing racing games or visiting cpstests website for playing clicker games to updating their friends about their lives, people can’t get enough of the technology! But what they don’t understand is; the very ongoing moment is what matters the most. Instead of living it fully, they’ll rather give updates on their social media presence.


Many significant studies have shown a strong link between mental health problems and the excessive use of social media applications. The more time you spend digitally, the more chances there are that you’ll encounter mental health problems. It may start from anxiety and may end up in a state of being depressed. Youngsters nowadays, go through depression, because they think ‘they’re not doing enough’ as per the false standards of social media. For instance: If someone doesn’t have a certain amount of followers, he or she will feel demotivated.

Youngsters set the base for a bright future for any country, and many young people are leading their lives in this dark hole of technology and social media applications. And the rate is increasing at a disturbing rate. We need to be notified of this alarming rate and find effective solutions for the same.

Different Activities to do On Your Computer

In the 21st century, people are constantly surrounded by machines. Take a minute, look around you, and scrutinize what’s happening around you. People directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, are using technologies and machines.

And when it comes to technologies, the mention of computers is inevitable. Computers have been no less than a wonder in almost every field. Since they’re so useful, almost every one of us uses computers a lot in our day-to-day lives.

mouse click

Try out These Fun Activities You Can do On Computer

In fact, we use them so much, that you might get tired of doing the same old activities over and over again. And thus, we offer you some interesting activities or games you can play on your computer.

Mouse and Click-Up Games

Are you someone who sits in front of the computer, for most of the day? Then, sometimes what happens is, you might get tired of doing the same old things, and that’s why this option is perfect for you. CPS Test is basically a test that calculates how many times you can click per second. Channel all your inner speediness and show it on your mouse! You’ll get the best satisfaction when you’ll nail this CPS Test Online.

Racing Games

Racing games vary from bike and car games. If you’re a speed lover, this section is specially written for you. Racing games give goosebumps, excitement, and the adventure you need in your life. Some of you out there are already so competitive, that you already know the drill. There are so many online gaming platforms that offer incredible racing games that will give you literal chills down your spine! So, don’t wait! Add some excitement to your life and try out these racing games!

Action Games

Action games are undisputedly the perfect escapade. Action games are power-packed with fun, and excitement, and adventure. For some of us, those amazing games are like perfect therapy. People feel great relief when they kill or triumph over the powerful villain or the enemy. People organically love the feeling of overcoming challenges through physical means, and these action games provide just the same feeling! So, spice up your life and try out some incredible action games available on the web!


Dress-Up Games

You might think this section is a bit different compared to others. And you’re right it is! Dress-up games are dynamic and unique. They are heaven for the people who love clothes and styling themselves up with unique fashion options. The feeling you get while playing these dress-up games is quintessential. Also, the good thing is, there are many dresses up games available on the internet. For instance, Barbie dresses up games, fashion dress up games, etc. You can get the joy of being the perfect designer just by clicking a few things. These dress-up games offer so many pretty clothing options, that you might end up wishing you had those!

Since you’re glued to your computer screen for most of the day, try out these amazing options and make your boring schedule more interesting. These options are so unique that, you’re surely going to love them! And chances are, you won’t get enough of them!

Consider These Things before Shopping For Your Pregnancy Outfits

Fashion is very important to ladies, and there’s no denying it! They invest a lot of their time in shopping regularly. And especially, when you’re an expecting mother, you become extra cautious for your shopping!

However, if this is your first child, you must have millions of questions for your maternity shopping, and rightfully so. And we’re here to take you out of your dilemma and guide you in-depth regarding your pregnancy shopping.

Important Things to Consider for Maternity Shopping

Many important things need to be considered while shopping for the most delicate and miraculous period of a woman’s life. To make sure you do it the right way, check out the below-mentioned factors!

Skin-friendly Fabric

The utmost important thing for an expecting mother is to wear clothes that are comfortable for her. The journey of pregnancy is special but equally delicate. Thus, all the mama-to-be should be extra careful about the fabric they are choosing for the golden period of their lives. Go for a material that is light and gentle to your skin. Some fabrics irritate skin and you don’t want that during your pregnancy days, so take good care of the fabric part!

Personal Style

Every woman embarks on a new journey the day she gets the news of her pregnancy. The journey is special and life-changing. But you do not want to miss out on that one thing that makes you unique. Every one of us has a personal style in whatever we wear. Make sure you don’t lose that! For instance, if wearing pastel colors is your style, then carry it throughout your pregnancy experience. Buy light colors when you go on to buy maternity outfits. Do not compromise with that one thing that makes you, YOU!



Always know your true size, that’s the key ladies! And the reason why we’re emphasizing is that your size will change inevitably during your pregnancy. When you go out to shop for the same, shop according to the trimesters. Usually, expecting mothers are advised to buy one or two sizes larger than their regular size. And don’t worry, even if you get a big size, because wearing loose clothes during pregnancy is advised and preferred. However, if you prefer wearing your perfect size, opt for clothes that are comfortable and do not cause irritation or any other types of problems for you.


Pregnancy is a nine-month-long journey. Seasons change every three months, and even that is variable and unpredictable. Thanks to global warming and other natural changes, no weather is pretty permanent in the 21st century. So, shop according to that. Make sure you get warm sweaters and cover-ups. Buy clothes according to your trimester weather as well. For instance, if you’re due date is somewhere around winter, be sure of stocking warm clothes. For summers, buy clothes of cotton material. Weather plays a vital role in your maternity shopping.

These were some of the important factors that you must keep-in-mind while shopping for your pregnancy, to make sure you do it the right way!


Machines That People In the West Use But Asians Seldom Know About

The west is usually considered the trendsetter and very advanced in technology. However, most of the time it is the weather conditions, lifestyle, and other factors that don’t require you to use such technology. Below mentioned are some such appliances that are very commonly used in the west but not many people in the east know about its existence or have ever used one!

Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Usually, a swimming pool is cleaned using a net and then draining the water. However, there is also an appliance for this. Just like there are vacuum cleaners to clean the surfaces and flooring, there are also vacuum cleaners for clearing the swimming pools!

These collect the debris and dirt, bigger or smaller, depending on the capacity of the model you are using. These have tanker like tires and are automated. Once you start them and put them in the pool, they will do the work on their own. The sensors help the machine to not collide with the ladder or any walls.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are heard about a lot but seldom used regularly in countries like India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, and more. People usually prefer to do it the old school way with a bucket of water and a mopping cloth. This, however, is changing over time and people have switched to stand-up mops. These are mops attached to a long staff that is then dragged along the floor after wetting it.

Vacuum cleaners are not a common thing in every household in the eastern nations. People do have them but the vast majority doesn’t possess them. in the west, however, most of the households possess one and are used regularly from time to time for cleaning the house floor and surfaces.

Carpet Sweepers

Carpet sweepers are very rare and seldom used by anyone. However, in the eastern nations, people just give it for laundry rather than buying an appliance for cleaning the carpet. Most vacuum cleaners do the job and so, even people in the west do not use them that vigorously. These are not very necessary and seldom do the vast majority of the people buy them. People don’t know much about it these days because they were more popular before vacuum cleaners became so prominent.

Snow Blowers

Gone are the days of shoveling out the snow from the pavement and driveways, one pan at a time. Say goodbye to the backaches and say hello to the automatic electric 2 stage snow blowers that help you remove the snow in a very lesser time. These are pretty powerful but used just once a year. In the eastern states of India, China, Pakistan, Srilanka, Tibet, Nepal, and others, snow fall seldom occurs. It is not at all a common phenomenon except in some locations. Hence, people don’t use snow blowers.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are highly used in autumn to clear the gardens in the west. People in the west tend to look for the best leaf blower to buy as they even use it as a snowblower in the cold winter months to clear the snow! People in the east don’t use it in the everyday residential scene. However, they are used for huge lawns and public gardens.

Reasons to Use Le Lenny Faces

We’re living in the 21st century, where everything is just a click or swipe away. Nothing is way out of anyone’s reach. We carry a wonderful machine with us all the time, and that is nothing but ‘mobile phones.’

Mobile phones have many uses, surely. But millennials and Generation Z people use that, especially to communicate with their friends in a fun way and manner.

We all know emoticons and their fun use. But Lenny’s faces are something more amusing and enjoyable than those regular yellow emojis. To know more visit

Smile Face

Why You Should Use Lenny Face More

We present you with these amazing reasons why everyone should follow this trend of using le lenny faces, which are given below.

They Are Unique

Every time that you open your preferred social media application, you type a message to send to your friend and at the end, you want to attach an emoji that perfectly complements your message or sentence, but then you realize, you’re tired of using hose emojis over and over again, and that’s why Lenny’s face is for you. They are unique and not used enough simultaneously.

They Are More Expressive

The regular yellow emojis are cool, cute, and fun. But, Lenny faces are more expressive when compared with them. Because they occupy more space in a text and thus, the emotion is conveyed clearly and loudly. Plus, when they are sent, they make you feel like you’ve used something. Something just as equally important as your text. So, next time you leave a message to your friend, don’t forget to add those Lenny faces at the end.

You Get to Experiment and Explore More

There’s nothing wrong with the regular emojis, after all, we have been using them since forever, and they have been making our work and messages easy as well. But by using Lenny’s faces, you get the scope to explore your keyboard more. You can mix and match the Exclamation mark, exclamation point, tilde, acute, backquote, and many more and create something amazing as per whatever you want. This way you get to explore and experiment with your keyboard.


They Deliver the Message More Accurately

If you’re using a Lenny face, you won’t be needing to use any more wordings! Yes, that’s right, Lenny faces are that accurate and proper. Whatever emotion you desire to convey in the message, you can easily do it by using them. It eliminates the extra effort of using words and sentences. Lenny’s faces will deliver your messages loud and clear.

Thus, next time that you use your social media application to message one of your friends, use lenny faces and shock your friends with these fun Lenny faces.

Things You Need To Start Your Rapping Journey

If you are just starting off your rapping journey and are finding it a bit hard focussing on the wide plethora of areas to focus on, worry not. For starters, focus on these 4 points and then slowly move to other areas. Even in these 4, you can choose to master one thing at a time and then move to the next.

Writing Skills

Becoming a rapper needs great voice technique and rapping speed. However, what it needs, even more, is great writing as well. If you are not a good writer, you might not last longer than a few hits. Once you start putting your music put there, you will have to put out better and better songs out consistently. So instead of aiming to be a one-hit wonder, think of the long term.

Get the knowledge of different writing techniques. Using story, rhymes, rhythms, metaphors, and other figures of speech should become easier every single time.

Microphone and Laptop

To produce your tracks, you need a device. Get a good laptop to make your music on as it will also prove to be of multiple purposes. When rapping, a good mic is necessary. You can also opt for headphones that have an inbuilt mic that is of high quality. It makes your tracks pleasant to the ears and the audience would immediately listen to them instead of putting them to their watch later list. The sound quality should be as such that you need not ask the listeners to go and get their headphones for better sound quality.

A Rapper Name

Now you could put out your tracks under your regular name. However, it has become a norm for rap artists to have creative rapper names. It could be something derived from your birth name, a nickname or something that just strikes with you or the persona you are trying to create. You can also take the help of a rap name generator available online for free to find a rap name for yourself. It often helps artists out of the risk of being stereotyped due to the place, race, region, or religion you come from. This is also the reason why artists have stage names and pen names.


As for connections, you do not need to have them from the very beginning. You can form them slowly once you start your journey and people in the industry start knowing you for your work. It can prove to be of help for both. This is the last step mentioned because you will initially not have such connections until and unless you have already started your journey taking the first steps. If you have already put out some of your work, you are ahead in the game. Artists need to support each other in order to grow as you will be having an audience with similar interests. You can then slowly move ahead and form bigger connections. Remember, connections go a long way.

Unique Cake Designs for Anniversary

Any perfect event that is carried out, is a collection of dedicated efforts and a touch of perfect personalization. You need to have patience and zest to have a successful event, which demands a lot of planning in a prior and advanced manner.

The big day that you’re planning for seems to be very special to you, our guess is; it might be a birthday or an anniversary. Both the occasions hold their special importance. Birthdays are a celebration of the peaceful existence of another happy year, whilst an anniversary is a celebration for marking another beautiful year of companionship.

Whenever any special occasion is right around the corner, we dwell too much on gifts and the decorations, but the thing that we always miss is the cake, which is probably equally important for the big day! So, this time let’s not repeat that mistake!

Cake Design Ideas for Anniversary

In today’s times, many flavors and designs are available when it comes to cakes. We here, eliminate your confusion by presenting you with some of the best anniversary cake designs online!

Heart-Shaped Cake

On the anniversary, a heart-shaped cake is a must! And if you decide to go with a red velvet cake, the bright red cake will catch everyone’s eyes instantly! This is the best that you can do for a cake. A perfect heart-shaped cake will give your partner an abundance amount of happiness and joy. You can go with any flavor, a pineapple or a chocolate truffle; whatever your partner prefers!

Prince and Princess Cake

If you’re a man, your partner is no less than a princess to you, and if you’re a woman, your partner is no less than a prince to you! So, for your prince charming and your princess dearest, what better than capitalizing on that, and bringing them the perfect prince and princess cake for the anniversary? You can go for white chocolate or a crème cheese flavor, again; whatever flavor your spouse loves!

Castle Cake

If you’re a fairy tale lover, this section is for you! Partners choose and decorate their homes with love, care, and happiness. It’s basically a representation of their dreams, and it’s just as special as a castle for them. So, no matter how many years you’re completing, a castle cake will always be special and relevant for anniversary cake ideas! It brings all the magical vibes. So, you can bring the castle cake and revisit all the happy memories! Again, you can go for any flavor, from Blueberry to a lemon cake, whatever you like!

Customized Photo Cake

This might sound cliché, but hey! All clichés are welcomed and acceptable on your special day. Especially when you’re celebrating the day of your marriage with your beloved. A customized photo cake is a very good idea for the anniversary celebration. The good side is, you can choose any photo of your choice, from your first date or from your wedding day itself! Anything that holds a special place in both of your hearts!

So, this anniversary does something special for your partner by presenting them with the best cake. The kind of dream cake, that they wouldn’t have even imagined. This way, you can make their day very special and give them an extra reason to remember the great day of your anniversary!


Maintaining Garden Equipments For The Winter Season

Preparing and maintaining your yard and garden equipment and tools for the winter season will lengthen their usefulness. They’ll be sharp, clean, and well maintained when your lawn and garden re-awake in spring, and you’re ready to go outside and get moving again!

Here are a few essential tips for the garden tools in winter, to lighten your load:

Cleaning Garden Hoses

Take out nozzles and completely drain hoses. Repair any leaks if there are any with a repair tape made for hoses. Replace the washers or the entire ends, if necessary. Coil and hang to store.


Maintaining Snow Blower

Snowblowers — also known as snow throwers — offers fast, efficient snow removal. Clear away the snow from the garden using a mighty snowblower. Get your snowblower ready for action by setting up a new spark plug, changing the oil, and checking the condition of the tires. Replace tires if they seem too worn out. And for those who don’t know: they come in a variety of sizes, types of engine, and built quality. There are mainly two types of snow blowers: one-stage and two-stage.

A two-stage snow blower is more efficient than a one-stage, it is best used for clearing big areas and it also has engine-driven wheels. If you don’t have one, you can easily buy two-stage snow blower online that fits your budget just right.

Pots and Planters

Cleanse and sterilize pots and planters to remove trails of mold, fungus, plant diseases, and pests. Remove all plants and soil, and thoroughly rinse it. Concrete planters can be cleaned with water mixed with bleach—3 cups per gallon—and a stiff-bristle brush. Wear gloves and proper eye protection when using bleach.

Terracotta pots can be cleaned with water, a little household dish soap or bleach, and a soft-bristle brush. For fiberglass pots, wash using mild soap and a soft-bristle brush to prevent scratching. Thoroughly rinse all pots after cleaning, dry, and store them in a protected location.

String Trimmer

Ready the gas-powered trimmers for winter the same way you prepare your mower. Clean the string head and install a new line. The line can become weak and break more easily. Sharpen the string-cutting blade on the debris deflector. Doing this can definitely increase the longevity of the string trimmer.

Gas Hedge Trimmer

Gas hedge trimmers must be prepped the same way as the mowers. Thoroughly clean the trimmer, including the intake and exhaust vents. If the blades are blunt, sharpen or replace them, depending on the model you own. Give the blades a light coating of oil, multipurpose spray lubricant, or resin solvent. And always remember to store it in a dry area.

With the use of these gardening tools tips you can keep your lawn tidy through winter and if all goes to plan, be ready to entertain again in spring.

Winter Is Coming: Tips to Prepare For The Winter Season

As we are well into October, we are well into fall too. Fall accounts or some of the prettiest weather nature provides. Especially around October, the leaves turn golden brown and the winds are not too hot/too cold and everything is a bit more peaceful and quieter. The semi-cool, pretty days of autumn will soon come to an end. But Christmas will be around in no time. Winter does make us slack off a bit. It is good to relax for a while, but few things need to be taken care of beforehand. Planning will only prove helpful. Especially if you are not living with your family.

There are two main things:

Body Maintenance

As you know that your body is your first home, taking care of it important. Your priority should be to stay healthy. Winter often brings with itself a cold wind and a few viruses, flus and some nasty ailments.

  • Prevent sickness – Be proactive. Strengthening your immune system before winters is very important. If you have weak immunity it is important that you take lots of fruits (citrus), vegetables and take vitamins, zinc and supplements. Get 7-8 hours of consistent sleep. Learn how to use a neti pot or making soups for cold and flu.
  • Moisturize – Moisturizing is very basic. Icy winds, dry air and over-washing can make skin parched to the point of cracking. It is necessary that we don’t forget our hands and feet when moisturizing. Use a humidifier and keep it between 40-50 percent. It also protects against cold.
  • Warm up and work out – Warming up is necessary during winter as cold muscles are more prone to be strained and injured. Stretching will not be enough. Exercise strengthens your immune system and helps you fight flu. Get up and get your body moving.


House Maintenance

Sadly, this is one of those things you just can’t skip out. In order to ensure smooth and hassle-free winters, you need to take care of the following things. Thank you later.

  • Disconnect garden hoses – A garden hose left connected to the spigot is a recipe for the disaster that no one was hungry for. Connected hose traps water, which then freezes and causes the hose or spigot or both to blow up. Even when the water supply is turned off.
  • Move these – Move all the outdoor furniture and appliances inside the garage or the shed. E.g. Grills, Lawn Mowers, leaf blowers etc.
  • Car wiper – Switch to winter wiper blades. Regular blades can become clogged with ice and snow.
  • Check Appliances – Check all your heaters, geysers, snow blowers etc. if they are working properly or not and then get them repaired. But new if required. Electric two-stage snow blowers are helpful.



Minimalistic & Intricately Carved Pencil Micro Art

Surprise your loved ones and make them feel more special with this exciting range of gifts. Designed for happiness and aimed to ecstasy, this micro pencil art dribbles love in every form. These delicate pieces of a pencil have name, date and small messages inscribed very neatly and perfectly carved inside a small glass bottle, elegantly packed and delivered.

Beautiful Micro Art On Pencil For Your Loved Ones

The most intriguing of all are the variations of micro art on pencil carves! It’s not on paper but a literal, tangible wooden pencil that is carved intricately, and a scalpel is used to give the graphite inside the shape of anything you want. You can get your beloved person’s name carved like that as well. You will get them in a transparent glass tube decorated with colorful ribbons. Put a magnet behind and it will be a perfect piece for your fridge! 

More Than Just Inscribing Names On Pencil

They are a real work of art and can fit right into your pocket! If anyone loves music, why not get a guitar carved on the pencil tip and give it to them for a memory keepsake? They will adore it as much as we do! You can get these carved on chalks and crayons as well! You can customize every piece of art as per your requirements and we will go head over heels in satisfying you.

Wrapping Micro Art Gifts For Every Occasion

Micro art in various form like birthday framed micro art, micro art for parents, wedding framed micro art, and bottle clad micro art. Give a picture of your favorite memory and we will convert that into an intricately carved art for you to keep. Get your nameplate done with pencils or get that lovable quote stamped. You can even add lights, glitters, and star balls onto the same. So cool is it! Get pencil micro art gifts packed and your rustic present is ready to be wrapped and to surprise.

Personalization and customization can be incorporated as per your preferences. With a variety of messages and texts, you can also add names and date or a one-word message on your micro pencil art.