Time for Sneaker heads to Flaunt Their Style in Office

Up until five years ago, you wouldn’t have come across an article saying it is okay to wear sneakers to work. However, with office culture becoming more casual and sneakers getting more upscale it might no longer be inconceivable.

There is no escaping the long working hours and the constant running around. However, you don’t have to subject your feet to thick socks, leather shoes with a tapered tip. The brimming sneaker industry has taken into account all of your considerations.

But Draw the Line Somewhere

Although companies today are no longer stringent about the rules, it is not a reason to toss your work ethics out the window. You need to find out what is acceptable in your office. For some, it is a t-shirt and jeans while other offices still view business casual as a button-down shirt and chinos. Your shoes need to be as appropriate as the rest of your outfit.

A main deciding factor is the material of the sneaker. Gym shoes or trainers are built differently and not ideal for work. While shoes with loud colors tend to grab your eye, making them distracting and unprofessional.

Every wardrobe has a white and a black sneaker. The most comfortable shoes you own and you inevitably wear them everywhere. We’re here asking you to wear them to work. Pairing it with well-tailored formals will elevate your look while providing loads of comfort. Your favorite pair of Jordan 1 mid-SE fearless melody ehsani, which you cannot stop wearing, with a button-down shirt and chinos creates a good contrast between work-appropriate and playful. If you do not feel adventurous, go for neutral tones like olive green and navy blue. These shoes tie your outfit together without seeming out of place.

If you’re going bold with jeans (pro tip- like formal pants make sure they are well-fitted) a low-top, lace-up sneaker in grey or brown is your best option. However, if you want to put your fashionable foot forward, make sure it has a high-top shoe on. These shoes not only elevate your look but makes a great choice for a fashion statement.

A healthy middle-ground between traditional work shoes and loafers is a slip-on. As it is rather comfortable materials like suede and leather make it more work-appropriate. To pair these with chinos opt for ones with minimal to no design in muted colors.

Don’t Forget, it is Still Your Place of Work

The rule of thumb to ace the business casual ensemble is to wear well-fitted clothes. Belts are your best friends and baggy clothes are your worst nightmare. It is easier to experiment with footwear when the rest of your outfit screams business.

If you want to test your limits in the office, start small. A button-down shirt with black slacks along with black laced-up sneakers is a good place to begin. Like it or not sneakers dress you down, so a safer bet is to create a healthy contrast between your clothes and your footwear.