Tips, Tricks and Hacks For Your Minecraft Game Play

Minecraft is one of those games that are old yet addictive. The new, as well as the older generations, love it equally. Released in 2011, Minecraft has been a popular video game ever since with more than 126 million active players to this date! The game has 3D block structured graphics and has modes like survival mode, creative mode, hardcore mode, and more. As we know this mega game can also be modified right? Now as with other really popular and loved games, Minecraft players have also come up with a lot of hacks, mod, tips and tricks for excelling in the game and getting ahead of the competition!

Toolbox For Minecraft App

This toolbox for Minecraft requires the player to have the minecraft pocket edition and it is to be downloaded from the Play Store. This is not an official app from Minecraft or Mojang. It is independently developed to facilitate the players with items like that of enchantment, potion effects, seeing valuable blocks using X-Ray, and more.

It is really amazing a whenever you find you are lacking something or that you need something, you can simply go to the menu and select one! It is the gaming equivalent of having unlimited cash to buy whatever you want.

Having trouble navigating in the dark caves? Worry not, this mod gives you the Fullbright mode that solves the issue! The best part is that the launcher provides users with a teleportation command! Highly recommend getting this one to get ahead the easy way.


Excelling At PvP Using Autoclicker

Clicking becomes of prime importance when you are playing PvP matches as they require the players to click fast and click more in order to destroy the opponent. For this purpose, many players resort to a Minecraft auto clicker which making several clicks very fast and at one click itself. These are automated clicks. You can download an auto clicker and see the magic for yourself. Even in auto clickers, you can choose where you want the clicks to be constantly made at a single location/ point or if you want them to be made wherever you take the cursor.

Placement of Torches

On Crafting Table and Furnaces:  Now many of you might think that this is impossible but trust me it is not. It is very much possible using the transparent block! It could very well be a glass block. FOr placing the torch on the crafting table, face it and try to reach out by clicking. You will see that now the torch has placed itself on the table!

Under Falling Gravel: Torches can also be placed under the falling gravel so as to break it. This is an amazing tip and tends to save a lot of time and energy. A player can also hold a torch in their hands to break the lowest hanging sand blocks. Remember that the torch is very strong. This also helps when you have to build fun designs as torches can hold a lot of weight on them.

A bonus tip, wooden slabs are better than wooden planks ars they are fire-resistant and have a stronger resistance towards blasts.