Winter Is Coming: Tips to Prepare For The Winter Season

As we are well into October, we are well into fall too. Fall accounts or some of the prettiest weather nature provides. Especially around October, the leaves turn golden brown and the winds are not too hot/too cold and everything is a bit more peaceful and quieter. The semi-cool, pretty days of autumn will soon come to an end. But Christmas will be around in no time. Winter does make us slack off a bit. It is good to relax for a while, but few things need to be taken care of beforehand. Planning will only prove helpful. Especially if you are not living with your family.

There are two main things:

Body Maintenance

As you know that your body is your first home, taking care of it important. Your priority should be to stay healthy. Winter often brings with itself a cold wind and a few viruses, flus and some nasty ailments.

  • Prevent sickness – Be proactive. Strengthening your immune system before winters is very important. If you have weak immunity it is important that you take lots of fruits (citrus), vegetables and take vitamins, zinc and supplements. Get 7-8 hours of consistent sleep. Learn how to use a neti pot or making soups for cold and flu.
  • Moisturize – Moisturizing is very basic. Icy winds, dry air and over-washing can make skin parched to the point of cracking. It is necessary that we don’t forget our hands and feet when moisturizing. Use a humidifier and keep it between 40-50 percent. It also protects against cold.
  • Warm up and work out – Warming up is necessary during winter as cold muscles are more prone to be strained and injured. Stretching will not be enough. Exercise strengthens your immune system and helps you fight flu. Get up and get your body moving.


House Maintenance

Sadly, this is one of those things you just can’t skip out. In order to ensure smooth and hassle-free winters, you need to take care of the following things. Thank you later.

  • Disconnect garden hoses – A garden hose left connected to the spigot is a recipe for the disaster that no one was hungry for. Connected hose traps water, which then freezes and causes the hose or spigot or both to blow up. Even when the water supply is turned off.
  • Move these – Move all the outdoor furniture and appliances inside the garage or the shed. E.g. Grills, Lawn Mowers, leaf blowers etc.
  • Car wiper – Switch to winter wiper blades. Regular blades can become clogged with ice and snow.
  • Check Appliances – Check all your heaters, geysers, snow blowers etc. if they are working properly or not and then get them repaired. But new if required. Electric two-stage snow blowers are helpful.